Principal’s speech





The chief guest Mr. Jackton Gangre - District Education Officer Masaba South District, Invited guests, other distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of B.O.G, P.T.A and students, I have the pleasure to welcome you to this important occasion.

We feel happy to carry our Annual Education day/prize giving at this particular time of the year.

Such an occasion is an important event in the school’s calendar, as it gives all the stakeholders an opportunity to take stock of the school’s success, challenges and to plan for the future.

It is my belief that we will capture this opportunity to put in place what will steer this school to greater heights.

Our dear parents, the success of this school, just like any other institutions of learning lies on the general discipline of the students.

Discipline is our collective responsibility as teachers and parents.

I would encourage parents to take a keen interest in their children progress and development while at school.

Today one major source of indiscipline is the use (misuse) of mobile phones.  We are asking our parents to help us curb this problem.

As parents, I would wish that any time your son or daughter comes home, insist on written reasons explaining why they are out of school.

At the end of the term the students must produce their academic reports to you parents for your signature and input.

Ensure that your child has a birth certificate to avoid rush in form four.  Avoid conflict of names i.e. K.C.P.E, Birth certificate should be the same and written in full not initials.


May I also appreciate every parent and guardian who has gone out of their way in supporting us.  Needless to say the fee you paid or are still paying is making the difference that you are seeing.  It is never an exaggeration to say that many people are ignorant of the fact that ‘A SCHOOL CAN ONLY BE ASGOOD AS THE CALIBRE OF ITS PARENTS’.

I have noted with concern that many parents/guardians have not met their obligation of paying school fees in time to avoid sending their children have for the same.  I humbly ask them to do so for smooth running of the school without interference as to achieve the academic 7.000 target 2013.


You had discussed PTA Bus Project to be implemented in the year 2012 but it was never done.

The school is in the process of acquiring a school bus to facilitate mobility of students and teachers.  During the board meeting held on 26th March 2013, the members resolved that every student through PTA contribute ksh. 2,000 towards the project.

The board also resolved to organize for a fundraising on 14th June 2013 to get some money to supplement the PTA project.

Review of levies

Election of form one, two, three P.T.A. Officials.



Looking at 2013, I believe Nyanturago will prosper as it continues to fulfill its mission statement and divine purpose.  I strongly believe and declare the truth that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINSTNYANTURAGO WILL PROSPER.   We are determined more than before to take and keep our rightful peace.  Infact, allow me to announce that 2013 will be the year of excellence.  How I appeal to all stakeholders to buy into our vision and contribute to make our dream a reality.

In conclusion, may I say a big thank you to my deputy Mr. Shem Abere, senior teacher Mrs. Josephine Moenga, all H.O.Ds, subject teachers, teachers, support staff, students, parents, B.O.G and PTA.  This place would never be what it is without you. Everything to be accomplished this year would remain a hollow, elusive dream without you.

Together we stand, together we will toil, together we will laugh, together we will celebrate, together we will cry and together we will excel in 2013.

Thank you all for being here today and may God richly blesses you.


1.  Equipping computer laboratory and ICT class.

2.  Four extra classes for school 3rd stream 2013 &2014.

3.  Boys dormitory.

4.  Major repair and improvement of Biology laboratory.

5.  Construction of teachers’ houses.

6.  Emergency lights when Kenya Power Lights are off.



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